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Gameboard-1 Gaming Console Up On Kickstarter

The blending of the physical and digital is growing more and more every day. We've got our board games, but we also have supercomputers in our pockets. Why not bring the two together? That's where the Gameboard-1 comes in. It's a new tabletop gaming console that gives you the minis and figures you love, but with digital enhancements for your board game sessions. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Designed for gamers, streamers, families, game stores and libraries, and anyone who loves playing games with others, Gameboard-1 merges physical and digital tabletop gaming to enhance your play and let everyone focus on what matters: having a great time! 

Gameboard-1 is a technology device and a platform that will change the way we play games together -- a device to teach new players faster, digitize set-up and scorekeeping, access an unlimited-play game library and allow users to try new games before they buy... all while maintaining the crucial physicality between players and pieces! 

  •  Patented Sense Screen — interact directly with real physical gaming pieces, any shape or size, as many as the board can fit, with or without batteries
  •  Smart pieces – read data directly from your game pieces (like D&D character stats!)
  •  Mobile control – control and interact with the board directly from your mobile device
  •  Four-hour battery – take your game on the road, then plug back in for non-stop play
  •  Wireless sync with other boards – automatically connect for a larger table
  •  Game library – buy and own individual games, or subscribe for everything!

Created uniquely for gamers, this gaming console is larger than an iPad, more interactive than a television, and easier to carry than your game shelf

The campaign's about 1.5x funded with 16 days left to go.