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Game Nite Issue #29 is Now Available

When you want to fill up your day with gaming, a gaming magazine is a great way to do it. And Game Nite has been around for years, giving you excellent content at a price that can't be beat (it's free, y'know). Issue 29 is available now for your downloading and reading enjoyment.

In this issue:

Issue #29 of Game Nite magazine is now available. This issue features an interview with Luke Laurie, the designer of "The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire" and "Stones of Fate". Our Mobile app reviews feature the impressive tutorial app "Dized", which we used to learn how to play "Blood Rage" for this issue and positions itself to be an industry "game changer". We also take a look at the excellent game, "Stockpile", which was produced for the mobile platform by Digidiced. This month's Top 10 features Co-op games. Tom M Franklin's Abstract Game column features "LYNGK". Plus, game reviews… and as always, FREE!