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Gallant Knight Games Running Tiny Legacies Kickstarter

Creating a game world from scratch can be hard. It's amazing just how many details there are to get into there for it to work. Well, for those wanting to world-build in the Tiny Supers game, Gallant Knight Games is here to help. They're running a Kickstarter for Tiny Legacies, a new guide for creating your own worlds and campaigns in the game.

From the campaign:

Tiny Legacies is a sourcebook for the incredible Tiny Supers role-playing game by Gallant Knight Games!  We here at Kyoudai Games were involved in the playtesting stage for Tiny Supers and we loved it so much, we had to get a license to work on our own ideas for it! Tiny Supers is a minimalist superhero role-playing game using the Tiny D6 ruleset that allows you to create almost any kind of character you can imagine and have fast, fun play that doesn't bog down when combat starts. You need a copy of Tiny Supers to use Tiny Legacies, and also just because it's incredibly awesome.

More than anything, Tiny Legacies is a love letter to the world of comic books and superhero role-playing games. It is, first and foremost, a toolbox to help Game Masters create their own worlds and campaigns. Every step along the way, we show how we've done those things and created our own world, which we call the Legacy Universe. The Legacy Universe is shaped by the tropes of the various ages of comics, from the Golden Age to the Modern Age, and reflects them accordingly; from the two-fisted heroes of the Golden Age to the dark bitter anti-heroes of the Iron Age, the Legacy Universe has it all.

Tiny Legacies is completely written, and all art has been ordered, received, and approved. The book is in layout as you read this. As soon as the Kickstarter ends and the funds are transferred, your rewards will be made available immediately. No waiting! While layout is still underway, and thus we can't give you a final page count, the text is roughly 30,000 words in length and, with the art density we have planned, should come it at somewhere around 100 pages, give or take.

The campaign is super close to its funding goal with 10 days left to go.