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Gale Force 9 Hiring Sculptors

Gale Force 9 has a lot of amazing properties that they're making products for. And they're looking for talented sculptors to help bring those projects to 3D in the world on your tabletops. Are you a sculptor looking to get into the gaming industry? Now's your chance.

From the announcement:

GF9 needs more sculptors!

Gale Force 9 has licenses for D&D, Star Trek, Dune, Firefly, Dr. Who, our own Battlefield in a Box range, and some future exciting plans as yet unrevealed.

We are constantly working on new and exciting projects and to help us keep up, we need to add to the talented pool of people we already work with.

If you have experience of sculpting in 15mm, 28mm, larger scales or terrain we want to hear from you. We work fully in digital for all designs and manufacture in resin and plastic.

Experience with plastic design and its requirements or the ability to sculpt in different styles will be advantageous.

If you are interested and have the skills, please email some examples of your work to: