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Galatic Corps Box Set Now Available For Core Space

Core Space has a new expansion set available for it. It's the Galatic Corps, a group of well-trained and well-disciplined individuals. They're coming to the system and you don't want to be between them and their objective. This new box set gives players more miniatures, more scenarios, and even more terrain for their games. As an added bonus, orders from the Core Space website between now and December get a free bonus. Have yourselves a look.


From the announcement:

The Galactic Corps is the latest long-awaited expansion for Core Space, and it's available now! This set introduces the disciplined Galactic Corps and the local Security Wardens – new types of NPC. Work with and against them in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards and Security Dice included in the box. They’re here for the Purge, but don’t get in their way!

The Galactic Corps have the unique ability to apprehend and arrest Traders, which adds a new twist to the games and is also a great basis for new Core Space narratives. Like all Core Space expansions you will get new miniatures, character boards, equipment, a rulebook, and of course some new terrain too.

You can pick up the new expansion from the Battle Systems website ( or from one of our stockists, and at Essen Spiel next week.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away free gifts with every order, while stocks last. We've taken the Core Space Turn Counter, a simple cardboard circle in the game, and moulded an awesome 3D version in plastic. This upgraded component was not available on the Kickstarter, and only a lucky few have one of these so far. All you need to do to get one is to place an order (for anything) from our website between now and December, and we'll throw one in absolutely free.