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GW Previews Thorsson Stoutmead for Blood Bowl

Be careful if you say, "Yo, pass me a brew, would you?" when Thorsson Stoutmead is around. You might just get more than you asked for as a whole keg gets chucked at your head. He's a new star player coming for the Norse team in Blood Bowl and we get a look at his new figure here.

From the scouting report:

The Norse Team was announced at AdeptiCon last week, and it brings with it one of the greatest players Blood Bowl fans have ever seen – the almighty Beer Boar. But sometimes you need more booze than one small pig can carry, which is where Thorsson Stoutmead shines.

As his name implies, this Norse star player is both powerfully stout and filled to the brim with mead. He’s so enthusiastic for a mid-match pick-me-up that he carries an entire barrel around with him for on-the-go refuelling purposes, which handily doubles up as a blunt force trauma weapon.