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GMD Core Rules Universal RPG Up On Kickstarter

Learning a set of RPG rules is a decent commitment. They tend to have a lot of moving parts to remember for just your character alone, let alone the rest of the system. So, a rules system that can be changed and adapted to any genre is helpful, because you can make changes to your game or start whole new, entirely differently-themed campaigns without having to learn a new set of rules. The GMD Core RPG, on Kickstarter now, is a new univeral RPG system.

From the campaign:

Enjoy exciting tales of heroic action. Swords clashing above the sound of crashing waves, as boats ram each other during a raging sea battle. Within a war-torn world where gods walk among man, casting lightning bolts at titanic beings. Or dodging laser bolts whilst racing towards your starship to escape from a cruiser that is engaged in an intergalactic space battle. Exchanging turbo cannon fire with other capital ships whilst starfighters weave in an intricate dance of death among the stars. Or being punched through walls by a Mutated Super Being whilst your armour’s systems are rerouting power from thrusters and shields to hand blasters, and your super team are engaging a megalomaniac murder bot attempting to destroy the world. Fighting against time as a bomb is ticking away that will end countless lives, with an army between you and the death of millions. Or whatever your imagination conjures. A set of rules carefully crafted to allow you to become the hero you were born to be...

The CORE RPG is a universal cinematic roleplaying game. It can be used for any genre and any style of roleplaying game. The rules are ideal for a dungeon crawling hack and slash, or an intense drama filled roleplay story. Or even a mix of everything. It has rules for combat with all technological levels of weapons, from swords and bows to laser pistols and energy swords. The rules also cover different types of Powers from arcane energies of a wizard, faithful prayers of a cleric or even fantastic superpowers of a superhero.

There are rules to cover different types of scenes including fast action-packed combat scenes and deep drama scenes that require a battle of words rather than swords.

This ruleset allows you to forge incredible stories and legends, design exciting characters and villains - both as Players or as the Games Story Teller, (Games Master).

Although careful consideration has been made so that the GMD CORE RPG has been designed as a universal set of rules for any genre and any given situation, in certain sections explanation have been given where rules may differ according to Genre.

The Kickstarter is running now and is set to go for another 27 days.