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GCT Studios Taking Pre-orders For Risen Sun Cycle Deck For Bushido

The Risen Sun era of Bushido is here. GCT Studios' fantasy miniatures game gives you a lot more for your forces than just the figures. There's the special decks that go along with each faction as well as the new Risen Sun Cycle Deck. Want to get your hands on it as soon as it's available and be  your first gamer on the block with these cards? Pre-order your copy now.

From the post:

Along with new sculpts for Takashi Hiro and Hagane (More on their special cards to follow in the next blog update) there are new decks for each faction and a brand new product for Risen Sun, the Cycle Deck. As well as this the Special abilities deck has been reprinted and covers all Special attacks and defences in Bushido: Risen Sun. All are available for Pre-Order now and will be available on general release on the week beginning the 9th of March.

One of the things fans have been asking for a long time is how we would advance the Bushido world and its background storyline. With the new edition we have put more effort into this. One of our many solutions will be available very soon. We call them Cycle Decks. Each year we will release a deck of special cards which are themed to tell the ongoing story of the Jwar Isles. There will be a few cards for each faction and plenty of Ronin cards. Rather than just game effects, these will be something that represents events in our narrative. Now we can’t start a story without setting up where our world is right now so this is our first Cycle Deck for The Year of the Risen Sun! The Risen Sun Cycle Deck has two cards for each faction and ten Ronin Cards. This means if you only play one faction you are getting 12 new cards. The cards are a mix of Events, Enhancements (Including Equipment) and Themes.