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GCT Studios Previews Yuta of Yurei Box Set For Bushido

The Jwar isles are steeped in magic and mysticism. Those that can tap into the spirit realm can wield great power. And that's just what the witches of Yurie do. You can get a look at their Yuta of Yurei box set for Bushido in this preview from GCT.

From the post:

The Yuta of Yurei have made quite a splash since they were available for pre-order for Adepticon 2020. With their shared Ki pool and powerful spells as feats, the Three Sisters have been terrifying Samurai across Jwar.

Three became four as we discovered the terrible sororicide that preceded their bargain with Yurei and the fate of their once beloved sister. Adding the Gashadokuro skeletons to the Cult’s arsenal has been a source of anguish for all opponents of The Cult. In this box, we also see a new named Kairai, Minarai, to offer more options when raising the unquiet dead.