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GCT Studios Previews New Bushido Figures

GCT Studios is apparently planning on posting two Bushido previews for us today. The first one is for a new Temple of Ro-Kan figure set. We get a look at Taiki and his monkey friend, Niseru.

From the post:

Who else has that Friday feeling? With the next wave of preorders going live very shortly here is the first of two reveals that you will be getting today!

While never selected to join the Temple of Ro-Kan Taiki spent his youth watching monks train and tousling with fellow wayward children. Through this he was able to develop a fighting style of his own. Accompanied by Niseru, a light fingered ape with a penchant for anything intoxicating, Taiki brings new options for the Monks of Ro-Kan and a frustrating presence for their opponents to deal with.