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GCT Studios Previews New Bushido Figures

Babypuppies! There's new babypuppies coming soon to Bushido. GCT Studios is showing off a new unit that they'll be releasing for the game soon. It's got babypuppies!

From the post:

It’s almost the end of another week so why don’t we take a look at another model from the upcoming wave of releases!

Masters of the Art of War, the Hare clan are renowned for utilising oft-overlooked assets on the battlefield. A prime example of this are its ashigaru dog handlers who fulfil a wide variety of roles in fealty to the Takashi led Prefecture of Ryu. One such example is Edogawa who takes to battle with his two dogs Aki and Emi. One is a messenger capable of delivering orders from the front line and the other a guard dog able to detect enemies who would seek to surprise his allies.