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GCT Studios Previews Botan for Bushido

While today's kinda nice, it's been rather cold lately. Having someone around who could control fire would certainly be nice. And soon, Botan will be able to do just that on your Bushido tabletops. Get a look at the new fire monk in this preview from GCT Studios.

From the preview:

Fire is seen as the great purifier, destroying everything in its path. Some among the Temple of Ro-Kan seek to master that same path, which is often fraught with disaster. Botan has managed to merge his corporeal form - his flesh - with that which sets humans on the same standing as the gods, fire. He twists and turns, destroying all those that would wreak havoc on the poor, the downtrodden, and the defenceless. He spins like one of those flame-devils rumoured to guard the deserts to the North of the Empire. His heart and fists burn with fury as he whirls from foe to foe delivering justice, retribution, and finally, purification.

Botan is well-suited to form part of your Temple Warband as he offers excellent mobility with his ‘Cloudwalk’ power. He is also a respectable combat model who use his flames to finish off those he doesn’t stop with his fists.