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G.I. (with a mug of) Joe Web Exclusive Mini Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a special, web-exclusive miniature up in their webshop for the month of June. It's almost summer up here in the northern hemisphere, but down below the equator, it's winter. And this mini shows that it can be cold in June. It's the new G.I. (with a cup of) Joe mini.

From the website:

The summer may be warm, but this chap is definitely on the chilly side! Luckily, he’s got a nice hot mug of coffee to keep out the cold – let’s meet the new and exclusive G.I. Joe!

Exclusive to the Warlord Games webstore during the month of June only, he’ll be automatically added to all orders of £50/$75/€60 – he’s also available individually, but limited to one per customer. This does mean that if you place an order over the threshold and include the individual figure in your cart, you’ll receive two – perfect as a present for a mate!