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Furry Foodies Now Available From USAopoly

Pet owners know that they're mischevious little furballs. Leave a plate of food unattended for even a moment and there's a good chance your burger or pizza might not be yours anymore. That's what's happening in Furry Foodies, a new game from USAopoly that's availble now. Kitties have infiltrated the kitchen table and are out to grab all the best food for themselves.

From the post:

Pet lovers don’t need to be physicists to know about the gravitational pull between a tasty bite of food and the kitchen floor, especially when curious cats are involved! Unoccupied plates are all it takes for the mischievous kittens to tap their instincts and pounce on anything from dinner to dessert—and in this game, the humans are nowhere to be found!

Swipe a tabletop score of your own as one of six cats sneaking snacks with The Op’s newest signature game for the whole family (four-legged members allowed)… Furry Foodies is now available!