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Funforge and Modiphius Teaming uP

Unfortunately, babelfish aren't real. We can't all just understand all languages. As such, we're still translating games to different languages. If you find that French is your preferred language of choice, Funforge is here for you. They're teaming up with Modiphius to bring you French versions of their Conan RPG.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with MODIPHIUS on this day. This partnership marks the beginning of a new adventure that we are looking forward to.

Role-playing fan, the Funforge team is delighted to work on the Conan range, which marks the beginning of RPG news for the French-speaking market.

A Crowdfunding campaign will be launched by funforge in the first quarter of 2020 for the following titles (all details will be given on the campaign page on d-day):

• Conan Roleplaying Game - Core Book
• Conan: Gamemaster Screen + Gamesmaster Toolkit
• Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth Adventures

Funforge will take care of the French Edition and the distribution of these titles in French-speaking countries.

Once the contributors of the crowdfunding campaign are delivered, these titles will then be available in the trade.