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Funforge Previews Sagani Board Game

A new tile-laying game is on the horizon all about the balance of nature and maintaining said balance. It's called Sagani and it'll be released later this month by Funforge. They've posted up a preview and even given a link to the game's rulebook that you can check out.

From the post:

Sagani will be available in stores around the end of April! A game signed Uwe Rosenberg (Patchwork, Fairy Trails)

How is Sagani played?

Sagani is a game in which players will lay Spirit of Nature tiles to balance the elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth). Players goal is to create color alignments without overloading your unresolved tile play area.

The tiles are mixed and arranged in 3 hidden front batteries. The first 5 of the first stack are revealed face visible and form the River.

The Spirit of Nature tiles have 3 information: their element, arrows of an element type that indicate one or more directions and their value in points (depending on how many arrows and therefore how difficult you will have to put the tile down ). Each of the tiles is one of the elements and has arrows indicating where to place tiles of another element.

The players, each their turn, choose a river tile and play it in their play area. They must try to meet the conditions specified by the arrows by placing other tiles in the directions shown to earn their winning points. To mark your progress, you place Accord pawns. If you don't have enough, you will receive pawns Cacophonia that penalize you. They can't be removed from your hand but are usable as Accord pawns.

The player who will have best respected the balance between the elements wins.

Sagani also features two solo modes, one classic (with the same rules as the multiplayer game) and the other advanced that greatly complexifies your quest for points.