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Funforge Launches Monumental: African Empires Expansion Kickstarter

Africa. The birthplace of humanity and civilization. Soon, you'll be able to bring new groups up from the very beginnings in Monumental: African Empires, a new expansion for Monumental from Funforge Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

African Empires is the new expansion to the acclaimed hit boardgame Monumental.

Monumental is a next generation civilization game by Matthew Dunstan with a mix of innovative mechanics taking the best of deckbuilding and 4X games.

Playing from 1 to 4 players (5 players with The Lost Kingdoms expansion), raise your empire, develop various knowledges and build majestic wonders while exploring and conquering the known world to emerge as the most dominant civilization of all time.

On top of bringing 3 brand new civilizations along with their own gameplay specialties, African Empires is fully loaded with new exclusive mechanics that enhanced the base game to a whole new level of strategy making it a must-have expansion for the game’s enthusiasts!

The Kickstarter's really close to its funding goal already (if not already crossed it by the time you see this) with 19 days left to go.