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Funforge Announces Nimiji Board Game

Essen is just around the corner. The show is one of the biggest out there and many companies will be showing off their new games. Funforge will be doing just that with Nimiji, a new stand-alone new game in their popular Tokaido range. Will you be at the show? You'll have a chance to check it out. For the rest of us, there's a YouTube video showing it off, and it'll be available later tihs year. So there's that.

From the post:

A few words about namiji.

" after surveyed the tokaido, embark to discover the wonders hidden off the coast of Japan. "-Antoine Bauza, author of namiji and tokaido.

Namiji is the next game of the tokaido range, although it is an independent game. This is a spiritual suite proposed in the same box format (same dimensions) as his big brother tokaido (Namiji is not an extension for tokaido. Both games can play regardless of each other.

A presentation video is available here: The copy of namiji visible in the video is a prototype (illustrations and non-final components). The game will of course be beautiful when it comes out, like the graphic universe of tokaido.

The release of namiji is scheduled at the end of 2019. Come and play it on booth funforge at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL: Booth 1 f127.