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From the Ashes Setting Book Now Available For Ponyfinder

The war is over. But what do the survivors do in the aftermath? Can they eke out a living in the new wildnerness that's been created? That's for you to decide in From the Ashes, a new setting book for Ponyfinder from Silver Games.

From the website:

The world is torn asunder in a final gambit to end the war. The war has ended, and the world along with it, but it does not die, nor do those that inhabit it. The ash stirs, and the people begin to pick themselves up. They would rebuild, From the Ashes.

  • New crafting rules to make the party celebrate the talented artisan.
  • Extreme item customization rules.
  • New class archetypes
  • New equipment
  • New races 
  • New factions
  • New magic
  • A reshaped Everglow ripe for exploration.
  • New optional rules to handle character advancement without magic items.
  • Now compatible with 5th edition and Pathfinder roleplaying games!