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Friday Snippets

Already Friday? That's not a complaint. I'm ready for the weekend. And I remembered yesterday that I have D&D coming up on Sunday. Woo! Should be a good time. And it's less than 2 months since our previous game, which is also nice. So, if I'm going to have energy for gaming all day, I'll need to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Pulp Figures Running Arcane Academics Kickstarter

Welcome to the Pulp Figures'ArcaneAcademics Kickstarter. I’m Bob Murch, the sculptor here at Pulp Figures. You can see everything in this series of 28mm metal miniatures below. There will be no stretch goals with this 20 day Kickstarter. All figures will be metal castings in the usual Pulp Figures format and style except for two 3d printed resin Altars.

       This is a simple Kickstarter so there is only one reward tier. You are either all in for all six sets or you have to wait until the general release if you want to pick and chose packs. The backer price is $129 Canadian funds (about $99 US) which is under my regular 5 pack + 1 free pack price in US funds ($107.00). Kickstarter makes us do this in Canadian funds.

Wild Earth Dice : The Cyberpunk Collection Up On Kickstarter

The streets of Cyber City are aglow with neon signs and flashing lights of holograms, vaporwave aesthetics, and digital displays. Anyone who walks these avenues and alleys will find themselves immersed in this world of technological innovation that can only be found in the far future. That future is now, and the Cyberpunk Collection line of premium cyberpunk-inspired dice are the dice of the future.

Grape Cream Soda Available From Kraken Dice

Fruity, refreshing, and oh so satisfying. All of the beauty, and none of the calories.

Kraken Dice is proud to present the first in an all-new line. Grape Cream Soda with Purple ink might just make you think you've stopped at a quaint little Italian cafe for a bite to eat. With its white and purple swirls and beautiful purple ink, this set is sure to satisfy any gamer or dice collector.