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Friday Snippets

I really wanted it to be Saturday when I woke up. Not because I feel bad or anything like that. I was just really ready for the weekend. Such as it is, it's still Friday. But that'll be alright. We can still get through it. And that includes having a nice snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Let's see what we've got on the platter today.

New PRAWject Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

3 all new finished PRAWject sets are available now. You won't want to sleep on these beautiful sets! (Mostly because that would be really uncomfortable)

New Imperial Fist Heads and Should Pads Coming From Games Workshop

Take the Imperial Fists. Bright yellow is famously difficult to carry off. Fashion mavens and style bloggers will tell you that it only works with a darker colouration, or when you pair it with another bold primary colour,* but the Sons of Dorn have their own recipe for a sunburst that really pops – laurel wreaths all round.