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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Man, I had a busy as hell week. Tons of stuff to do each day. And while it was very tiring, it did make the week just tick on by fast. So now, we're on the precipice of the weekend. And I, for one, could use something to snack on. So, here's some bite-sized gaming stories served up for you:

New Geisha Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

The newest addition to our matte line of dice. This limited run 14pc set is available now, and won't last long.

Friday the 13th Slasher Sale Happening at Puppets War

Is there any reason why Friday 13th always brings hockey masks and machetes into our minds?

This time we have a surprise: 15% SLASHER discount for all our assortment and GIFT BITS* visible on this photo added to every store order from now until the next Friday 🤯

Happy Friday 13th!

*please note that free bits will be add to physical orders not digital

General Baggy's Birthday Sale Happening This Weekend

Birthday Sale is Now Live!

Sale Runs May 13th through the 15th


• Magna Racks, Travel Set, & Bag Bundles

(Magna Racks are on Pre-Order but should be In-Stock by June 13th 2022!)


• Everything Else (Including Clearance Mystery Boxes!)


• Infinity Alpha and Beta Bags Empty

You will see your discount applied in your shopping cart, and if you are a VIP member, your extra 5% does stack!

Don't miss out on this amazing 3-Day Birthday Sale!