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Friday Snippets

Friday again. As always, I'm psyched. I've got D&D upcoming this weekend. Should be a fun session. Our group is going back to a Winter Festival that we were at last year. Well, most of us were there. My character stayed home to work on a project, but they're actually going this year. Should be fun. But, before I have Spark fill up on festival foods, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Constellation Dice: Voyager 2 Edition Up On Kickstarter

The Constellation d6 were created in 2015, and according to Mr. Kevin Cook (Guinness world record owner of over 100,000 unique dice) it was the first time ever that Constellations were used as pips on dice. The project was soon after published in the art photo book "Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness" by Måns Danneman.

The full Voyager Edition set was funded through Kickstarter in late 2016 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Voyager spacecrafts that allowed us to admire Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and now are travelling out of the solar system. 

It sold out almost immediately due to its originality and production quality (the sets were manufactured by Q-Workshop, renowned for the level of detail of their engraved dice).

Being a limited edition, the set could never be printed again in the original colors (Night Black / Sky Blue with white, silver, or glowing green paint) and the factory offered a limited palette for custom dice.

New Miniatures Available From Monkstone Miniatures

Monkstone Miniatures have released some new figures for their 28mm fantasy range, set in the dark folklore inspired setting of Dünnmere. These are Brunor the minotaur exile, and three mandragores, small root-based creatures that are used by witches as servants.

The miniatures all come with an illustrated card signed by the artist, and are available now from their website.

Christmas Miracle Dice Available from Kraken Dice

The Magic of Snow and Ice captured in these dice might be the only way we get a white Christmas in San Diego.

Kraken Dice is proud to present our 2021 Limited Edition Holiday set Christmas Miracle.