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Friday Snippets

Friday! Woo!!! And, as always, I'm ready for the weekend. I'm guessing you are, too. I mean, who isn't? And I've got D&D coming up. So, that's always good. But, if I'm going to be sitting through a 5-hour session of gaming, I should get something to eat. Let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories to keep our energy up. Today on the platter, we have:

Games Workshop Previews New Black Templar Bits

One of our favourite things about Characters is the wide assortment of powerful relic equipment you can give them, from ancient flaming swords to god-blessed jewellery. And given their love for all things divine, it should come as no surprise that the Black Templars have oodles of Relics at their disposal,* which for the first time are available to be represented on your models.

Aladdin's Wish Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

Guard your treasure closely, Sultan, this poor rogue is about to get lucky. 

Aladdin's Wish might just come true. Releasing tonight, Thursday, November 11th, at 6pm pdt, Aladdin's Wish is part of a limited production run of 500 sets.