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Friday Snippets

It's Friday again. Obviously, that's not a complaint. I'm always ready for a weekend to be here. And so it is. Well, almost anyway. About half the day left to go. But we'll make it. Though a small snack wouldn't be bad to help us get there. And thankfully, I've got a platter of bite-sized gaming stories ready to go. Today we have:

New Turrets Available from Puppets War

Turrets are back💥💥💥

Now you can choose your own armament compositions in the turret configurator here

Two New Dice Sets Available from Kraken Dice

Sanguine Harvest and Pop Princess are here.

These all new sets release tonight, Thursday August 19th at 6pm PDT.

Each set is part of a limited production run of 500 and may not be available for long. Don't miss your chance to own these awesome dice.