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Friday Snippets

I'm usually all about, "Friday! Woo!" but considering no other day has felt like the day it's supposed to be, neither has today. I guess that doesn't mean that I'm any less excited about it, technically speaking. I mean, whether it feels like Friday or not, it's still leading up to the weekend. So... yeah, Friday! Woo! And that means we need to snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

New Persian Armored Cavalry Available From Victrix

Whether you're using them as part of the Early or Late Achaemenid Empire, the Armoured Cavalry are an essential unit in any Persian army. Lead the charge with this formidable attacking unit.

  • 12 Figure Set 
  • 3 X Rider Sprues
  • 3 X Horse Sprues
  • Multiple head, arm and weapon options
  • Can be converted to be mounted archers
  • Compatible with LBMS transfers
  • Can be used in armies to fight the Greeks, Macedonians, Ancient Indians, Scythians, and themselves in numerous civil wars

Enchanted Mermaid Dice Now Available From Kraken Dice

Enchanted Mermaid releases tonight, Thursday, July 29th, at 6pm pdt.

This limited production run of 500 sets won't last long.