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Friday Snippets

Mostly back to normal in terms of how I feel after getting my 2nd vaccine shot earlier in the week. However, I'm still really interested in getting back to the weekend. I've had a bit of a video game bug bite me and so I've been playing a couple of old ones I've had around for a while but haven't booted up in a slightly-less-longer while. I've also ordered pizza for dinner, but it's taking a while to get here. So, I need to keep my energy up with some bite-sized gaming stories to tide me over. Today in the platter we have:

New Black Plague Dice Available from Kraken Dice

Black Plague is releasing Thursday, April 29th at 6pm. This is a Limited run set. Only 750 total sets were produced and may not be produced again. 

New Halflings Available From TTCombat

Did you think we were done with the Halfling adventurers?! Last week we did the classic and traditional. Nice. However this week we have different little ladies and gentlemen for you to admire and purchase. WHAT?!

Special Coin Available Exclusively From GW Shops Next Month

Warhammer Fest is nearly upon us, and in case you missed our recent announcement, we’re holding the event online this year. 

This means that we’ve got six days of reveals for your favourite Warhammer games beginning Monday the 3rd of May, so it seems a good time to celebrate with the hammer of Sigmar itself, Ghal Maraz, on the next commemorative coin.