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Friday Snippets

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Hero Forge Premium Plastic Sale Happening Now

The Hero Forge® Premium Plastic Sale

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Kraken Dice Releases Toxin Dice Set

An all-new Mutagen: Toxin. Releases tonight, Thursday, April 15th, at 6pm PDT. This is a limited production run of 750 sets being made.

New Figures Available From Monkstone Miniatures

Monkstone Miniatures have released their first range of 28mm fantasy miniatures, set in the dark folklore inspired setting of Dünnmere. The range consists of three ogre-sized pigfolk, an ogre witch, a snail mystic and two spriggans. The miniatures are all cast in high quality resin and come with an illustrated card signed by the artist. They are available now on their website.

Metal Dice Sale Happening at Kraken Dice

Looking to get a head start on your mother's day shopping, we've got all new semi-precious sets so you can show mom what a gem she is with these new dice sets.