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Friday Snippets

This has been a very busy week. It has been a very long week. I'm rather spent and very much ready for the weekend. Thankfully, at the moment that I'm typing this up, I've finished up most of the really big projects that were on my plate and so there's just a little bit of room. As I'm not stuffed full, I feel like I can nibble on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Pixels Electronic Dice Up On Kickstarter

Pixels are the coolest dice you’ve ever seen! Full of LEDs, smarts and no larger than regular dice, they can be customized to light up when and how you desire. Incredibly strong, smooth and sharp, they work for several hours at a time, after which you can simply recharge them with the accompanying case. Pixels know which way they roll and can communicate with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This means they will work with Roll20, Foundry or any one of your favorite online platforms.

Nocturna Models Running Blood and Skulls Kickstarter

Wellcome to our biggest miniatures ever! Blood and Skulls ork rider is the largest and more detailed miniature in 70 mm scale that Nocturna models released in all of these years. This project is really monstruous and we need your help to fund it.

Take a look at all the figures in the campaign, all of them are in 70 mm scale. Blood and Skulls is 28 cm high!

Wine Dice Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to a brand new line of dice by Legendary Pants! To celebrate, we've got an open bar of amazing dice, all inspired by a rich nightlife of drinks!

These dice are sets of 11 (1d4, 4d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, 2d20).

We'll open the bar with a standard service of red and white wines and a celebratory champagne. As more people partake, we'll start breaking out the fancier reserves and liven up the party!

Greek Heroes and Gods Available This Month From Raging Heroes

March sees the release of one of our most hotly anticipated collections, Greek Gods and Heroes! Not only that, but this month also brings with it the OVERLORD TIER, offering a full 3D printable army for the price of a single resin hero miniature.

A large chunk of our community had repeatedly requested troop units to go along with the Heroes, Monsters and enormous centrepieces we create each and every month. Over the last few weeks our sculpting team have worked tirelessly to bring our amazing group of patrons another gorgeous set of miniatures, expanded to include units of incredible rank and file troops to build out an ancient greek army.

The Overlord tier is an add-on to our existing leader tier. Adding line infantry and cavalry to back up the epic models we continue to create monthly. Doubling the number of models in each month’s theme for just $6 is an incredibly valuable addition.