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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Normally, short weeks like this seem to take an eternity to me. That wasn't the case this week. As always, I'm not upset by that. Sure, I love my jobs, but ... I mean... weekend, amirite? Got some gaming lined up online and will probably go grab some groceries since I could use a refill on certain things. That includes snacks. But, at the moment, there's some tasty, bite-sized gaming stories to snack on in the meantime.

New Dice Sets Availalbe From Kraken Dice

Klaus the bartender is at it again and trying out 2 new drinks. Boo Berry and Blue Moon Cosmo will be releasing today,

New WWII German Soldier Available From Brother Vinni


We just have released next two WW2 Germans, welcome!

they are available in our webstore, as usual