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Friday Snippets

Friday. The precipice to the weekend. I'm interested in getting there, for sure. It's been a rough month for many, and we're only halfway through it. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks? I am much less prepared than I would want to be. Unfortunately, there won't be any big get-togethers, even though, at the start of the year, it was something I was really looking forward to. But waddyagonnado? You're gonna snack on some bite-sized gaming stories is what you're gonna do. Let's get to it. Today on the platter we have:

New Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Rival adventuring groups and wicked magistrates are no match for your party, not when you bring Gem and the Hologlitters along for a totally outrageous gaming session!

You won't want to miss the latest additions to our Limited Edition lines with these new holographic glitters and colored ink sets!

Available Now with special Black Friday pricing! Gem and the Hologlitters: Featuring Clementine, Gem and the Hologlitters: Featuring Verdi are the first of 5 new holo-glitter dice sets.

Etruscan Warrior Figures Up On Kickstarter

This project is designed to bring to life a vital, but often overlooked aspect of ancient Roman and Mediterranean history, the warrior culture of the Etruscans. Much of Etruscan culture and heritage was absorbed by, and essentially became, Roman but the Etruscans were a distinct culture of their own. This range will bring these fascinating and unique warriors to your Ancients tabletop gaming. 

Like much of the ancient world, the Etruscans had a very strong class structure. Nobles and their families made up the Class I warriors. Their close retainers and bodyguards are regarded as Class II warriors. Trained fighters who were regularly used in armed forces are Class III. The rest of the ranks were filled out by civilians pressed into service and these are regarded as Class IV and V warriors. 

This campaign will bring a great variety of new Etruscan miniatures for all Classes to the wargaming world. Stavros Zouliatis has sculpted the models in this range, so they match up perfectly alongside the Mortal Gods range he has sculpted for Footsore Miniatures & Games.