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Friday Snippets

Did this week go by quickly for everyone? Or was it just me? I kept waking up this week and going, "Wow, it's already (whatever day it was)." Or maybe this week just went along at a regular pace and it's just that we're so used to them taking an eternity. Hard to say. But, whatever the reason, it's Friday, and that means we need to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories before we get into the weekend.

Hero Forge 2.0 Public Release

We're proud to announce the release of Hero Forge® 2.0! Now you can create your perfect miniature in color! Our color design tools make it easy to color your creations, adding a new level of detail and life to your miniatures.

What's New With Hero Forge® 2.0

•   New Hero Forge® User Interface - The first thing you’ll notice is a new, more colorful restyling of our background and menus. We wanted to create a more epic environment for your creativity, and a space where color felt at home, so this aesthetic change felt like a natural evolution from our old grayscale background and menu. This also includes some minor, but long-overdue reorganizations, such as moving expression and eye direction into the “pose” menu.

•   Color Tools - Add color to your epic designs with the new color tools. Choose from color presets or color each feature individually using our wide variety of paints! Make your own custom colors to get the perfect mini.

•   Color Plastic Material - Now you can order your miniatures in color with the new color plastic material! This material may have some faint layer lines and has similar durability to our other plastic options.

Four New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween. To help usher in the harvest, we've got four more new RAW dice sets that will be available Thursday, October, 8th at 10am pdt. Don't miss your chance to add This is Halloween, The Monster, Melted Candy, and The Great Pumpkin to your treat bags!