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Friday Snippets

Friday. The week has really zipped along, if you ask me. Normally, the week after a short week certainly feels like it was longer to get through. But not this time, surprisingly. And yesterday was grocery day. I've got quite a lot of projects in store, from shortbread cookies and blackberry syrup, to habanero hot sauce, to meat garlicballs. All of which I'll be writing about, of course. But, at the moment, I have different tasty morsels to write about. Let's get to it.

Kangaroo APC Dozer Blade Available From Victora Miniatures


Today we are releasing a new upgrade for your Kargaroo APC's. The Kangaroo APC Dozer Blade. This Detailed kit by Jake Schneider will also fit your plastic APC's with a little tweaking ;)

New Titan Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Just in time for the release of Rime of the Frost Maiden, the Titans have arrived. These awesome 55mm full resin D20's will be the talk of your gaming group, and the bane of your minis. Their awesome power unleashed as they roll across your table is one of the most satisfying sounds you'll hear during your adventures.

 The Titans do not come alone, as they have brought with them a leveled up version of Frost Spirit, now with 14 total pieces in the set!

 Each of these new dice and dice sets will be available at 6pm PDT on Thursday 9-17-20

 We have also extended the 50% off select acrylics sale, so you can take full advantage of loading up your cart.

 Spend $75 and get a free mystery Naked (uninked) resin dice set. Let out your inner artist and enjoy your unique creations with these easy to finish dice sets.