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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! And 3-day weekend Fridaaaaaaaaay! Woooooomore! Man. It's been a really busy set of weeks and I know I can use an extra bit of time off. My eyes are going crossed from all the writing I've been editing. O,o Ah well, as I say, it's Friday and it will soon be the weekend. I've got D&D on Sunday and cooking tomorrow. So, that'll be fun. Which reminds me, after I finish up a few more things, I need to go slice up my pork shoulder. But before I get to those tasty nuggets, I need to get you some bite-sized gaming story nuggets. Let's get to it.

Character Crate 2.0 Dice Storage Up On Kickstarter

We want you to up your game, so we are upping our game. After 3 years of your feedback, gaming conventions, and playing hundreds of games we have redesigned and upgraded our original Character Crate to the no-compromise Character Crate 2.0. 

1. Every Character Crate 2.0 is Sustainable Genuine Mahogany. No imitation mahogany, no veneer, no paint, and no custom stain trickery.

New Heads Available From Puppets War

Three variants are already available! What style would you like us to create next?

Condition Coins Metal Ring Markers Up On Kickstarter

Make tracking conditions and effects in your RPG games simple and beautiful. We've created condition trackers in the form of ringed coins that you can use to mark what conditions are affecting your characters or monsters. Place the miniatures inside the precisely machined inset (made to fit standard 1" circular miniature bases), or hang the rings on your larger miniatures to mark them. The 14 ring set makes tracking status effects during combat simple and elegant, and eliminates having to use plastic bands or bottle cap rings.

The Mushroom King Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

This is a collection of fungus themed STL files for your tabletop gaming pleasure. Only "The Mushroom King Prints" pledge level includes physical models that will be shipped to your door. All other pledge levels are for STL files only. All the files have been test printed using FDM and Resin printers.

Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter

I always wanted to make a set of Dice that’s totally unique, and have a life of its own. Like Edinburgh, the place which we live, where the roads are paved in stone, and hundred year old trees watches over the coming and passing of countless generations. Here in Edinburgh, is where history is made and remembered, it is a city that's ageless, endless, and we wanted to create a dice set that reflects it.The ancient Celtic Knot used in our dice design, is an endless knot, and its interlace pattern resembles connection, eternity, and the endless cycle of life, which matches the spirit we wanted to represent. And it tells the story of the past, present and the future… The question is, will you take the Endless Dice with you in to your new adventures that awaits?