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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaay! Woo! I don't know about you, but I feel like this week went by quickly. It's almost like, wait, wasn't it just Tuesday? That's not a complaint, of course, because I'm always happy for the weekend. And this one is no different. Got me some more gaming lined up. And I need to do some cooking as well. Though, I haven't quite figured out what it'll be yet. But, in the meantime, while I figure out what to make for a meal, it's time to snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Dice Boxes Available From Kraken Dice, Bestiary Volume 3 3D Printable Models On Kickstarter, Yedharo Models Running 3D Printable Models Kickstarter, and Dawn & Dusk Cat's Eyes Dice Up On Kickstarter.

New Dice Boxes Available From Kraken Dice

A voice echoes from within the chamber as you approach the sanctuary "What you seek is within your reach. Only through an adequate display of reverence will it show itself". With confidence you enter and approach the portal, your faith is steadfast and you are prepared. The oracle begins to chant and the portal opens, from the depths you see the Kraken emerges.

Bestiary Volume 3 3D Printable Models On Kickstarter

Welcome to this Kickstarter campaign, you will find a huge collection of high-quality models for 3d printing, the main theme for this campaign are undead creatures

Yedharo Models Running 3D Printable Models Kickstarter

We want to show you the quality of our files and what better way than this image! As you can see, the same file can be used to print a miniature in 30mm, 70mm, and 1/10 scale.

You can scale any of our miniatures, and enjoy them in 70mm Scale - they are detailed enough to be able to increase their size, without losing any of their original quality.

Dawn & Dusk Cat's Eyes Dice Up On Kickstarter

We have been avid Tabletop players for a few years and to be honest, after falling into the hell of hoarding dice like a dragon with their gold, I started to look for a place I can buy stone dice at affordable pricing. However, most dice sets came at approximately more than 100 USD excluding shipping for the ones that I really liked.

So, after about two years of research and hard work, we're ready to bring our project to fruition in the form of the Dawn and Dusk Dice.

Every dice set is made from hand.

The photos below are photos of the actual dice, not 3D Rendered Prototypes. As the dice are made from stone, no two sets of dice will ever be the same, with their own individuality and style.

 The font was handpicked by us to be readable and aesthetic at the same time.