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Friday Snippets

Happy Juneteenth, everyone. It's Friday and that means the weekend is almost here. I'm excited because I've got D&D both days. Need to find the goliath we've been tracking in one and take out the Earthquake Mage that's popped up in the middle of our guild hall in the other. And, of course, if I'm going to be playing D&D, that means I'll need some dice. Well, good thing we've got some dice stories on today's platter. Let's take a look.

Our Snippets for today are: Summer Solstice Dice Now Available from Kraken Dice, Metal Dice Games Running Elixir Dice Kickstarter, Mystery Dice Up On Kickstarter, Black Lives Matter Dice Available From Pride Dice, and Metal Dice Sale This Weekend at Kraken Dice.

Summer Solstice Dice Now Available from Kraken Dice

“My soul is in the sky.”

Made up of more than just Midsummer's dream, these moon and glitter filled dice will leave even a humble puck captivated.  

Kraken Dice is proud to present our newest dice set: Summer Solstice

Tailored for the advantage and disadvantage system, our Dungeons and Dragons compatible Kraken original 11 and 12 piece dice, provide you with everything you need to make the most of your D&D and other RPG sessions. Our 11 and 12 piece Kraken original RPG dice sets are the perfect choice for your 5th edition D&D session 0, one shot, or full campaign. Whether it’s a quick Dungeon delve or a yearlong Dragon hunt, our 11 and 12 piece Kraken original dice sets will provide you years of fun on your D&D and RPG adventures.

Due to the method of production, it is not uncommon to have some dice that end up with glitter that appears to be nearly exposed throughout various areas of these dice. There should not however be any protruding inclusion, as those would affect the functionality of the dice.

Metal Dice Games Running Elixir Dice Kickstarter

Hand crafted, sharp edged liquid core dice. Pledge for the d20 of your dreams, pick up a full set of 7 polyhedrals, or even add a few d6's to your pledge. All of the dice are full-sized 16mm, and each polyhedral set includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10%, d12, and d20. Unique dice, plentiful options, and beautiful color ranges

Mystery Dice Up On Kickstarter

You pledge for dice sets at an immense discount, and we make and ship them to you as a "Mystery Set". Meaning we don't tell you what you're getting, you find out ...when you open the box!

Endless surprises await as every set you add to your pledge is guaranteed to be unique, with no repeats unless you ask for them. It's going to be an unboxing experience like no other!

Black Lives Matter Dice Available From Pride Dice

This 8 die set includes two d20 with the BLM text on one d20 and the Black Pride Fist on the second d20. This set was made in collaboration with our friends at Q-Workshop.

Proceeds for these dice will go to The Bail Project.

Metal Dice Sale This Weekend at Kraken Dice

Select Metal sets are now buy 2 get one free through Sunday