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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! I almost keep forgetting that I have D&D this weekend. It'll be Session 0 of a new Eberron campaign. So, every time I re-remember, it's like another nice surprise. Or maybe I'm cracking up here in isolation. Though, I did go out yesterday. First time I'd left the den in 3 weeks. Bought supplies. Shouldn't have to leave again until damn-near June now... However, the restock will let me resume hot sauce reviews on my blog for a little bit. Today will be the 100th. I'm pretty exctied about that.

Speaking of tasty morsels...

Today on the platter we have: Mystic Tides Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

Mystic Tides Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

Magic absorbed from the moon coalesced as the waves lapped at the shore. The magic pulled away from the ocean yearning to be among the magic of the sky. 

As constant as the ebb and flow of time, magic resides in the water. 

Kraken Dice is proud to present our newest dice set Mystic Tides