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Friday Snippets


I'm certainly ready for the weekend. Much of yesterday, I felt like it was Friday. I knew it wasn't and would keep reminding myself of that fact, but in the afternoon when I clocked out, it was really hard to not go into Weekend Mode. I did, however, have one of my new sauces that I got and this morning I even had a new Dew I found.

So, now it's on to some bite-sized news stories before we do actually get to the weekend (... in several hours, anyway).

Today on the platter we have: New Dadao Swords Available From Puppets War, New Metal Dice Available From Skullsplitter Dice, and Leviathan Dice Up On Kickstarter.

New Dadao Swords Available From Puppets War

"I know it's a little bit frightening
Oh but it's so enlightening..."
As dadao sword hit our store

New Metal Dice Available From Skullsplitter Dice

Launching Thursday Jan 23 @ 9pm EST
Only 100 of Each Available

Leviathan Dice Up On Kickstarter

We are Uber Dungeon, Long time custom Dice bag crafters and trusted family run company. For over 4 years we have sold our dice bags and provided a wide verity of dice sets at conventions. Over the last few years at conventions we get more and more requests to sell the dice online. This past year the feedback has been overwhelming. We are now planing to put together an online store to sell our Dice bags and dice. Our goal is to have something special to include on our website.

We present to you Leviathan Dice, Our line of exclusive dice sets. All of these sets are ones that we've personally desired to see come to life. We are not doing stretch goals for this campaign because we want all sets available. 

We have been in contact with our manufacturer of choice and have formulated a solid timeline from start to completion of the kickstarter project.