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Friday Snippets

Well, it only took about 15 years to get here, but it's finally Friday. You know, for a short week, it was a long-as-hell week! Not that anything bad happened. And I had various things to work on the whole time. But dayum, it feels like it should've been Friday about 4 days ago. Oh well, as much as it seems we've been waiting for it forever, it's here. And that means some tasty gaming morsels are in store. And today, it's all about Dice.

Clickety-clackety! I roll for attackety!

Today on the platter we have: New Cthulhu Dice from Steve Jackson Games, The Wyrmwood Hero Vault 2 Up On Kickstarter, Self-Standing Dice Bags Up On Kickstarter, Virtue Symbol D8s Up On Kickstarter, Chritical (S)hit Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Sylvan Dice Available From Kraken Dice.

New Cthulhu Dice from Steve Jackson Games

Are you a Cthulhu fan? (Yes.) Do you need more dice? (Yes.) We can help!

Available now at your favorite local game store, the Cthulhu D6 Dice Set is a pack of six pearlized, 19mm, custom six-sided dice that will drive your opponents insane with jealousy when you break them out during your next game session.

Use these dice in any game that requires six-sided dice, and especially those games where you want to add Cthulhu to the mix and sprinkle a touch of madness to the game.

If the dice are unavailable at your local game store, you can order them today at Warehouse 23.

The Wyrmwood Hero Vault 2 Up On Kickstarter

The Wyrmwood Hero Vault 2.0 is a ground-up redesign of our Hero Vault: a solid wood, magnetic case designed to hold your role playing miniature or a favorite set of dice.  The new design features four major improvements, detailed below.

1) Capacity 33% more space means more dice, or even your XL half-giant mini!

2) Intuitive, Secure Design a thumb grip allows you to easily open it, and an interior lip makes the closure extra secure - perfect for your RPG essentials.

3) Compatible with the Tabletop Tile System the Hero Vault 2.0 was designed specifically to integrate with our Tabletop Tile system.  If you aren't familiar with the Tabletop Tile system, you can click here to view the Kickstarter campaign page.

4) Tailored Design two designs, each with unique interior routing and specifically chosen depths to ensure a perfect fit; one for dice and another for miniatures.

Self-Standing Dice Bags Up On Kickstarter

We are proud to announce some new designs of our large microfiber dice bags.  These bags are strong, durable, affordable, and a great accessory for the gaming table.

These bags are perfect for the "community" dice collection that can usually be found at a gaming session.  If you need a grab bag for your gaming group, or if you just want to store lots of dice, these microfiber bags are perfect.  Especially unique to these dice bags is their extreme durability.  As you can see from this video, these bags close very tightly, and can withstand good amount of abuse without spilling any dice.

Size: Each bag measures 5 x 5 x 6.5 inches and can hold over 400 dice.

Virtue Symbol D8s Up On Kickstarter

The Dice

A traditional Beige Polymer D8 with the Virtue symbols ENGRAVED and inked in black. 

Shawn picked out the the style and I agreed with him, on the basis it has a sort of parchment look.

 The Art

Virtue artwork for the Dice was created by  Michael Wight (AKA Gremlin Legions). Some modification to "simplify" it a bit more for dice engraving was done by the dice manufacturers.

Chritical (S)hit Dice Up On Kickstarter

We have seen that many people love the poop emoji and its various forms, so we figured it would be pretty awesome to put a big old piece of poo right on the 20 side of a d20. So that is what we aim to just do! Try to get the funding to make some crappy dice! We also decided that these dice could be extra shitty by adding a whole bunch of poop inspired colors on sets of polyhedral dice based on all the sorts of poop out there. Perhaps you've encountered some of this shit yourself. We're really down to earth, so we had to be real about it but still had to pull off a way to make the dice look cute. You've got your everyday poop, diarrhea, corn infested, and others!

Hopefully none of you are too disgusted by the idea of these dice - We know there were times when we felt sick (and funny) when designing them because much research and many references were needed (gross). It really was not easy to do, but luckily we had some help from a fine designer based out of Diving Hippo Studio (another Canadian association) who helped us survive the process of getting these dice designed. We pulled through, and now they're here on Kickstarter for you all to pledge for! These dice, if funded, are not going to be only full of humor and silliness, but also look great! They'll be the real shit! One of a kind!

Sylvan Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Each 14pc Sylvan dice set sold will help facilitate the planting of one tree through donations made to helping with their reforestation efforts.