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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! *celebration*

And not just any Friday, but a 3-day weekend Friday. *extra celebration*

Not that I don't like what I do, of course, but it's an extra day off. That's just fun all around. Since I never ended up making that Blackout Cake last weekend, I'm looking at giving it a shot this weekend. Taste-testers welcome. But before we get to those tasty treats, we've got a few bite-sized gaming stories for you.

Today on the platter we have: Barghests Available From Puppets War, Meeple People Comedy Video Series Up On YouTube, and Kraken Labor Day Sale Going On Now.

Barghests Available From Puppets War

Barghests are back, and now you can get them in three flavours:
To celebrate this event for the whole next week those sets will be available with a 15% discount

Meeple People Comedy Video Series Up On YouTube

Home to Meeple People, a new comedy series about a geeky group of board gamers who embrace the joys of childhood while neglecting their inner grownups.

Kraken Labor Day Sale Going On Now

Labor Day Sales Event Going On Now