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Friday Snippets

It's Friday! Woo! Gateway to the weekend. Of course, I'm excited, because that's how I am on Fridays. The work week is almost over and it's time to relax. But first, we need to nosh on a couple of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: The Game Master Kit Collection: Reloaded Up On Kickstarter and Fenris Games Running The Cauldron Warband Kickstarter.

The Game Master Kit Collection: Reloaded Up On Kickstarter

We gathered many positive comments and many good ideas, we improved shipping, offer better prices, gave super attention in details and durability so... we are back again!

We all love our board games to be pretty. Especially our favorite ones.  And for that purpose, here we are, helping you make your favorite games look better than ever!

The collection is designed specifically for today's tabletop gamers. A complete package that can be used for several games - according to its concept  - could be your perfect companion, making your game upgraded and new!

This treasure comes in two sizes carrying all the items you need. The Game Master Mini Kit edition, small & portable and The Game Master Box, bigger & bolder.

The boxes come in two wood finishes (black & brown), a variety of leather colors options for the rolling surface, along with optional metallic decorations - allowing you to create the kit that is perfect for your favorite games!

Fenris Games Running The Cauldron Warband Kickstarter

With this project, we're aiming to produce a rotting warband of 28mm-scaled character models for you to use in any number of game settings and with any suitable ruleset.

Sculpted in a decidedly oldschool style and aesthetic, these modern-sized miniatures will fit in with your existing armies, form an entire chaotic warband, or add flavour and personality to your roleplaying party.

Most models are cast in high quality white metal; some of the larger beasts will be produced in fine quality urethane resin. Our casters have long experience in producing fine quality castings in both materials and have a proven track record of delivering on time.

Want just one model from the set? No problem. Fancy a handpicked skirmish force? Again, easily done. Want a whole skirmish warband with some additional huge centrepiece beasties? We've got you covered.