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Friday Snippets

Weekend Eve. We've made it. And a day faster than usual, since we started this week on Tuesday (or, at least, many of us here in the US did). Tomorrow will be filled with Dungeons & Doggies... which reminds me, I should finish writing up that character. He's a Great Pyr, but he thinks he's actually a long-tailed, pygmy polar bear... because it's my character and I can decide to do that kind of stuff if I want. Anyway, before I dine on dog snacks, let's have some bite-sized gaming snacks.

Today on the platter we have: New Egyptian Fighters Available From Brother Vinni, Amazons of See Up On Kickstarter, Infernal Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins Up On Kickstarter, Ruins of Sanctuary 90mm Bases Available from Tabletop-Art, and Green Baron Available From Kromlech.

New Egyptian Fighters Available From Brother Vinni (NSFW minis through link)

Egyptian Fighters, 28 mm female fantasy wargame miniatures.
This set of two 28 mm miniatures depicts beautyful semi-naked egyptian girls fighting.

28 mm. Resin casting.

Amazons of See Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the Amazons of See Kickstarter!

The purpose of this project is to introduce you to the Amazons of See, through sets of multipart metal miniatures and raise funding for further planned units in Kickstarters to come.

Moulding and mould testing has already been completed for all the miniatures advertised below and casting time has been booked. Rewards will ship 2 weeks after the Kickstarter ends so expect to receive your miniatures in June 2019!

The 'Amazons of See' are a war-like race comprised seemingly solely of women. Encountered within the endless swathes of the Great Jungle, it is said they guard their ancient metal and stone dwellings with fanatical secrecy. Rare encounters with the Amazons are nearly always hostile. At the heart of their civilisation is their Goddess, 'The Eternal See'. See is a giant being with seemingly magical powers that can bend nature and the elements to her will. Through her high priestesses, her power can be manifest in battle with devastating effect.

Infernal Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins Up On Kickstarter

Dancing Yak Miniatures is proud to be bringing you a full Infernal Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin army in both 10mm and 28mm.
If funded, it will offer a huge variety of units to fill all the needs one may have from tabletop RPGs to the myriad of wargames that have some form of evil dwarfs. Models have been tailored to fit the 9th Age rule system for which we are a supporting company.

Everything is sculpted digitally with some minor adjustments by hand and all prototypes will be 3D printed with a high resolution resin printer. Production is then made by our own hands, spincasting in high quality metal, so we can ensure the highest level of detail.

We are making the models in 28mm heroic scale and 10mm. From the bottom of feet in 28mm hobgoblins are around 28-35 mm tall and dwarfs 25-35 (some of the hats are big). For 10mm, models are scaled to the standard so they work with other 10mm fantasy makers out. Hobgoblins are 12-15mm and dwarfs are all around 15mm, plus or minus. Hobgoblins are much taller than dwarfs. Dwarfs are fatter and have much larger hats.

Ruins of Sanctuary 90mm Bases Available from Tabletop-Art

There are new bases for the Ruins of Sanctuary Set available: 90mm 1 and 90mm 2

Green Baron Available From Kromlech

Set contains
One model of Green Baron fighter with three heads options (16 parts)
Model designed to fit 32mm tabletop wargames scale as a fighter. Model have slots for 3x1mm magnets. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.