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Friday Snippets

Just one last day to get through. Once today's over, we've made it back to the weekend. I've got a whole long list of chores I've got planned for the weekend. The reward at the end being I can put together a model kit I've been wanting to assemble for a while. Hopefully I can make it that far. But, in the meantime, let's grab some snacks.

Today on the platter we have: New Goliath Squad and Harnesses Available From Puppets War, New Heavy Hauler Available From Ramshackle Games, MyMiniReport Battle Report App Up On Kickstarter, and Brigade Models Releases New Chilean Aeronef.

New Goliath Squad and Harnesses Available From Puppets War

Five models of Heavy infantry Goliaths (35 parts).

New Heavy Hauler Available From Ramshackle Games

This week we have released the second in our new range of civilian vehicles, the Heavy Hauler. The resin model is priced at £19 and as usual with all Ramshackle Games products it come with free world wide shipping.

MyMiniReport Battle Report App Up On Kickstarter

wMyMiniReport is a mobile application for IOS and Android. It will allow you to capture the best scenes of your game and create for you an amazing rendering.

Report your battle with pictures

During your game, your minions are staged and evolve naturally. While remaining focused on the game, capture the key moments of your game using the application. The voice recognition tool allows you to effortlessly add details, comments and dialogues for each scene. Of course you can then edit, and improve according to your artistic.

MyMiniReport can be used with any games. It is based on your pictures, your story and your game. There is no requirements.

Brigade Models Releases New Chilean Aeronef


Years ago, we came up with a single Aeronef model for the Chilean aerial fleet – the Santiago, a battleship with two massive quadruple turrets and not a lot else. This was later joined by a single small escort vessel, and that has been the extent of it for the Chileans. The Chilean fleet has now been boosted to become one of the better equipped South American aero-navies. The Santiago has been replaced by a new resin-hulled design with separate turrets and metal fittings, and there are several new cruiser and escort designs. The Santiago’s all-big-gun layout gives it massive firepower to take on enemy capital ships but, apart from two small support turrets, it’s pretty much unprotected against smaller vessels and aircraft. For this reason, the Chilean fleet features a lot of escort vessels equipped with small rapid-fire guns and AA turrets. There are also torpedo and patrol boats to complete the mix. VANFP-1601 – Chilean Fleet Pack – £22.00 VANFP-1611 – Chilean Torpedo Flotilla – £4.00 VAN-1601 – Santiago class Battleship – £8.00 VAN-1602 – Encalada class Escort Cruiser – £3.50 VAN-1603 – Chacabuco class Light Cruiser – £3.00 VAN-1603a – Pinto class Light AA Cruiser – £3.00 VAN-1604 – Esmerelda class Torpedo Frigate – £1.00 VAN-1605 – Serrano class Frigate – £1.00 VAN-1605a – Condell class AA Frigate – £1.00 VAN-1606 – Anchova class Patrol Boat – £0.50 VAN-1607 – Riveros class Torpedo Boat – £0.50