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Friday Snippets

We've made it all the way to the eve of the weekend. Just gotta push through today and we'll be there. My plans are now slightly up in the air, as the person I was going to hang out with is feeling under the weather now. So, it might be a quiet weekend at home putting together minis for me, which isn't terrible. What've you got going on? Whatever it is, you should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: I Will Never Grow Up to Run 25mm and 35mm Flight Stand Kickstarter, Elder Dice Announces Kickstarter Launch Date, Brigade Models New 6mm and Spaceship releases, and Zarglian Invader forces released at Grinning Skull Miniatures.

I Will Never Grow Up to Run 25mm and 35mm Flight Stand Kickstarter

35 mm Flight Stands coming to Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform I Will Never Grow Up Games will be running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign starting on Tuesday, February 29th and running for 17 days for the production of 35 mm high Metal Flight Stands and a new batch of 25 mm Flight Stands. Our metal flight stands are designed specifically for use with Axis and Allies air pieces, but are suitable for a variety of other board games with flying plastic minis of similar size such as Fortress America, Global War 1940 and more! You can check out the campaign preview

Elder Dice Announces Kickstarter Launch Date

Big news! The Elder Dice: The Colors Out of Space Kickstarter campaign will launch Tuesday, February 26, 2019! That is next week! Get ready, because it is going to be an epic campaign.

Brigade Models New 6mm and Spaceship releases

Our British spaceship fleet gets three new reinforcements this week – the largest is the Medway class Patrol Ship, a deep space patrol vessel tasked with keeping watch over distant colonies, showing the flag and generally showing up wherever it can be useful. The other two are escorts – the Triumph class Heavy Destroyer and the Shark class Steath Destroyer. SFS-133 – Triump class Heavy Destroyer – £1.50 GBP SFS-134 – Shark class Stealth Destroyer – £1.25 GBP SFS-174 – Medway class Patrol Ship – £1.75 GBP Meanwhile down on the surface, we've released a 6mm version of the Silverback tank destroyer for Hammer's Slammers. This comes with a sprue of two weapons allowing you to make both versions of the vehicle. We've also released two 6mm detachment packs for the Nonesuch National Guard, main users of the Silverback. HS6-3501 – Silverback Tank Destroyer – £1.75 GBP HSD6-3501 – Nonesuch Heavy Armour Detachment – £14.25 GBP HSD6-3502 – Nonesuch Mechanised Infantry Detachment – £7.75 GBP

Zarglian Invader forces released at Grinning Skull Miniatures

Now released from Grinning Skull Miniatures and produced by Alternative Armies the Zarglians! Great for any game system and can be used in 28mm and 15mm campaigns if you need strange aliens with ray guns then these are the fellows for you. Invaders from the stars! A total of ten different poses composing two larger leaders, three warriors and five little fighters. Choose from a value pack giving one of each with a big saving or smaller packs and singles. Click through for more pictures and information plus a little tale all about the Zarglians. Our last releases for the month