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Friday Snippets

This has to have been the longest 3-day week I've had in quite some time. But car repairs and doctor's visits will do that to you, I suppose. I'm so very much ready for the weekend, as 2019 is already doing a number on me, and we're not even a full week in yet. Maybe I can gain some strength from a pair of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Paint Colors From Secret Weapon Miniatures and The Art of the Miniature Painting Guide Up On Kickstarter.

New Paint Colors From Secret Weapon Miniatures

Thirty new acrylic paints will be joining our product range as part of the Mech Paints line. These paints have been formulated with mech and animation model kit painters in mind - providing solid coverage, bold colors, and a slight satin finish. Best of all they're being produced in-house in our brand new paint lab!

The Art of the Miniature Painting Guide Up On Kickstarter

The goal of this campaign is to finance the printing of my first figurine painting book and to share my experience of more than 15 years in this hobby. This book will be perfect for beginners, those wishing to discover the joys of this creative hobby that is figurine painting, as well as painting veterans who wish to refine their skills.

Miniatures: an expanding painting medium!  

The title is not insignificant since this book will introduce you to many methods about how to paint miniatures. Whether you want to color the miniatures for your board game or to complete your army started a long time ago, this book will show you several methods that will make you a better painter. Finally, for the most persevering, you can access the level that will make each of your pieces a true work of art.