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Friday Snippets


I know that I just got back into the regular swing of things again, but I'm already ready to just take a couple days off. My weekend will be spent gaming, but of the video variety. Hey, I'm allowed. But while I crunch those 1s and 0s, I'll be needing to snack, and having some bite-sized gaming stories in my tummy will be awesome.

Today on the platter we have: The Mighty Exo-Armoured Dwarves 28mm scale miniatures up On Kickstarter, Lizard City Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art, Ophidian Menace Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, Baueda Releases New 15mm Forest Bases, Riders of the Storm Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, and Kraken Dice Releasing Kelpie Dice This Evening.

The Mighty Exo-Armoured Dwarves 28mm scale miniatures up On Kickstarter

Hello and welcome to our 4th kickstarter, where we hope with your support and backing to be able to fund the expenses involved in producing the 10 "Mighty Exo Armoured Dwarves" shown in the video. Bob Olley hand sculpted the masters for these miniatures, giving them the unique Olley character that he is famous for. We are hoping with your support to cover the costs of sculpting, moulds, castings, and Kickstarter fees. We hope that you like them and that you decide to back our project. With no money for advertising we are grateful for all your shares of this project. Thanks Bob & Jackie

Lizard City Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art

We have new Lizard City Bases in our assortment: 32mm, 80mm 1, 80mm 2, 120mm Oval 1, 120mm Oval 2, 130mm 1 and 170mm Oval 1. Lizard City 120mm 2 Oval base The floor of theLizard City set is equipped with motifs of the Incas and Aztecs, as well as exotic small animals. Therefore it is ideal for lizardmen and jungle peoples, their conquerors and armies of similar themes.

Ophidian Menace Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter Two: Ophidian Menace offers serpentman warriors for your wargame, skirmish game, RPG, or simply to paint and collect. These miniatures are not new - they are already sculpted and molds are already made. They were sculpted by Nicolas Genovese of Blood Moon Miniatures, who has made a special offer to Barbaric Splendor Miniatures. This Kickstarter will, if successful, fund this purchase and casting of the required amount of miniatures. I am offering the miniatures at a reduced price from their planned retail price to help facilitate this process. This will be a short Kickstarter, with the only goal to add these miniatures to the Barbaric Splendor line. If need be, I do have a stretch goal planned, but do not wish to make this a complicated project so it will not grow beyond that.

These will be the start of an extensive line of serpentmen - both the serpentmen, who have human bodies and legs with snake heads (much like those in the fiction of Robert E Howard) and the primeval serpentmen who have snake bodies and human torsos with snake heads.

Baueda Releases New 15mm Forest Bases

You asked for them, now the new Forest Theme Scenic Bases (designed to be compatible with FoW / Team Yankee standard basing) are available! Can be mixed with the small Rural Theme bases for observers, snipers, characters, etc... #FoW #TeamYankee

Riders of the Storm Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

This Kickstarter project is the first step into an adventure which will take form later in 2019 as a unique board game where players will be able to create their own story and battle it out amongst friends. As always we have sort your invaluable help, a call to our friends and backers, to see the potential behind this wonderful story and help us put together this project. Although we will not be discussing elements of the board game in this campaign directly, the idea is to achieve enough funding to produce a block buster board game next year. This campaign features both 3D Printable files of our models and quality resin cast physical miniatures. As we know that many of you do not own 3D printers, now our backers can have the best of both worlds. The campaign is huge by standards and as such we have split it up into categories. We offer Dragons, Heroes, Regiments and Terrain.

Kraken Dice Releasing Kelpie Dice This Evening

Many a fisherman and farmer have been to eager to help as they watched the magnificent Kelpie struggle to escape the tide. In their haste they have fallen prey to the Kelpie and it's treachery as they are taken to the depths, never to be seen again. Beware helpful soul for the Kelpie is not the gentle creature you assume. Violent and beautiful she will usher in your final rest.