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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaaay! You know how much I love today.

Wow, I just realized that since the 1st of November was a Thursday, that means we're gonna have a really early Thanksgiving this year. That's both cool and a little bit scary at the same time. Lots of prep to do before then, so I'd better make sure I'm filled up on bite-sized gaming stories before we get there.

Today on the platter we have: Spiral Arm Studios Releases Pa'ku Artillery, ePic Character Generator is now available on Android, Infinite Black Taking Pre-orders For Elder Dice Wooden Hex Chests, Ugears Game Accessories up On Kickstarter, and Adventure Portal VTT Now Available For Early Access.

Spiral Arm Studios Releases Pa'ku Artillery

This month sees the release of a new support unit for the Broken: Pa'ku Artillery, available now from the Maelstrom's Edge webstore! Behind the implacable visage of the Pa'ku resides a powerful, if often misunderstood intellect. Extremely logical creatures, when the Pa'ku are convinced a certain course of action will do more good than wrong, they will take lives without scruples if that is what it takes. Pa'ku artillery has been known to mercilessly bombard hospitals or civilian refugee groups when they have concluded that this was the most logical course of action. They do not make any decision lightly nor do they act carelessly. In fact, the Pa'ku sometimes drive their commanders crazy as they sit pondering the pros and cons of a proposed course of action and all the alternatives, and where the situation is particularly complex have been known to gather for private war councils with their own kind before they will consider responding to a call to arms. Despite their reputation for ruthlessness, when Pa'ku take lives it is because they believe there is no viable alternative. This does not however mean they are saints - all of a Pa'ku's deliberations are still ultimately guided by self-interest and a desire to survive the chaos of the Edge. Despite their peculiarities, Pa'ku are especially desirable to the Broken. Their solid physiques make them extremely suited to carrying heavy loads, including the biggest artillery the Broken manage to cobble together. At close range, the Pa'ku can extend their very long tongue with enough force to cave in a man's skull. Pa'ku only speak to other species when necessary, and their language is difficult for most races to translate or speak. Combined with their large size, this generally results in them being overlooked by evacuation efforts, and so as with the even larger Gnolti, joining the Broken is often the only reasonable chance for a Pa'ku to escape the edge and find a new home. Pa'ku are often found in the support lines of Broken forces with giant cannon and other esoteric weapons strapped to their broad shoulders. Linked with electronic targeting systems, these weapons can be slaved together to unleash devastating barrages of firepower onto enemy lines. Their favoured weapon is a multi-barrelled EMP mortar, which carpets the battlefield with explosive energy packets that can fry electronic systems and incinerate softer targets. You can find the rules for the Pa'ku Artillery unit in the Force Builder section of the Maelstrom's Edge website.

ePic Character Generator is now available on Android

After a year of silently working in the background ePic Character Generator has just announced that the software is finally available on Google Play! Generating images while travelling or updating characters real-time at role-playing sessions have never been easier! The android version comes with the same features and interface as of the Standalone and Steam versions, so it'll be easy to pick up to anyone who used the software earlier. Using the same backend server all bought packages are available on all platforms, regardless of where they've been purchased! To celebrate the Android launch and also Halloween they are hosting a Halloween Sale until November 4th, where all packs and bundles are available at a stunning 30% discount.

Infinite Black Taking Pre-orders For Elder Dice Wooden Hex Chests

     The pre-order campaign for the premium Elder Dice Wooden Chests is live! Click here to go right to the pre-order page. Plus, remember that we will be sending a small assortment of free dice (including Elder Dice) to those who place their pre-order within the first 24 hours.

Ugears Game Accessories up On Kickstarter

UGEARS, the mechanical model kits creator, is diving into the world of tabletop gaming with the Kickstarter launch of a new range of board gaming mechanical accessories. The range features the Card Holder, the Modular Dice Tower, The Deck Box, the Game Master’s Screen and traditionally, the Secret Device which designed to handle, transport and store game elements in various tabletop games. The UGEARS mechanical devices will become the smart assistants in your tabletop games and wonderful presents to your fellow-gamers.

Adventure Portal VTT Now Available For Early Access

I just released to Steam Early Access a small virtual table top application for 5th edition based role playing. It's a straight forward but intuitive online application/utility that helps people run their role playing campaigns online. It started as a personal project for my friends and I to use with our own campaigns. It eventually evolved into a more complete utility and I subsequently decided to package it up for Steam and make it publicly available. I first started with Roll20 and flirted with the idea of Fantasy Grounds but my group and I were more casual and didn't want to commit the time, money, or effort to learn these systems. I took it upon myself to make a basic stand in because I enjoy such projects and love game design. It has turned out to be pretty useful thus far. I think that it will be a good fit for particular types of players. The development is ongoing and I intend on listening to the public for guidance and suggestion moving forward.