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Friday Snippets

Woo! Friday! Woo! *runs around with my arms over my head*

As you all know, Friday's my second favorite day of the week (just behind Saturday, and just in front of Sunday), mostly because once I clock out of work, it's time for the weekend! Woo! Of course, it's also a good time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Tanks Available From Titan-forge, Brigade Models Releases New Alien Spaceships, and Kraken Dice Releases Boogeyman RPG Dice Set.

New Tanks Available From Titan-forge

Celebrating the creation of the US Space Force! Titan Forge is introducing two new models to their sci-fi X-Terra Space Force collection. Heavy Tank X4-Claymore With customizable tank guns and side guns. Featuring new casting technique for perfect caterpillar tracks. Redesigned armor and 1000% more explosions. Height: 70mm / Length: 129mm / Width: 110mm. Armored Personell Carrier X2-Sabre Easy assembly. Detailed elements - from armor to tracks, light turret and headlights. Safe personell transport on any surface and any planet. Height: 57mm / Length: 124mm / Width: 87mm Every TANK needs a SUPPORT There is on-going promotion on, where you can get all other models from X-Terra Space Force collection with a discount. You can make sure that your vehicles have the land and air support they require to wreck your enemies!

Brigade Models Releases New Alien Spaceships

Most of our spaceship fleets are human fleets, based as they are around the background from Wessex Games’ long-out-of-print Iron Cow ruleset. We do have a couple of alien fleets, and today one of those is getting a complete revamp. The Yenpalo are humanoid reptilians with a thing about hexagons and the number six. Our existing fleet was designed by Phil long ago, but has been on the replacement list for a little while as the moulds aren’t in great shape. The new ships were created by James Claypole from Beadspoke Designs who offered them to us as he’d already designed them and just wanted to see them come to life as physical models. There are five ships in this initial offering, ranging from battlecruiser down to corvette, plus a fleet pack. These replace the original Yenpalo designs which are no longer available (as I said, the moulds really did need replacing…) SFSP-1101 – Yenpalo Attack Fleet – £22.00 SFS-1100 – Klaion class Battlecruiser – £4.50 SFS-1120 – Trepes class Heavy Cruiser – £3.25 SFS-1130 – Celeph class Destroyer – £2.00 SFS-1140 – Phlam class Frigate – £1.00 SFS-1150 – Ebhaku class Corvette – £0.75

Kraken Dice Releases Boogeyman RPG Dice Set

A long time ago, like way back in 2017, in a cozy lair somewhere deep at the bottom of the sea a brave Kraken ventured forth to bring its artistic vision to the air breathers above. Its first foray into their world was with a vibrant pink and teal masterpiece known as Flamingo Paradice. The adventurous Kraken was so pleased with how their creation turned out that it immediately began work on its next creation; BoogeyMan! With BoogeyMan on its way to the surface the wily Kraken eagerly awaited the surface dwellers response to its latest creation. And waited. And Waited.. And Waited… The seas must have been rough beyond expectation as now 9 months later BoogeyMan has finally found its way to port and is available to be added to collections everywhere!