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Friday Snippets

Happy freakin' Friday and stuff.

Yes, it's Friday. My 2nd favorite day of the week. It was also nice and cool out this morning, only reinforcing what I've already got in my mind that it's Autumn already and you can't tell me different. *puts on Type O Negative list on Spotify* Hey Bacchuuuuuuuuuuus-aaah, she hates meeeeeeeeeee.

So while I jam out, let's also get some bite-sized gaming stories in us.

Today on the platter we have: Bombshell Minis August Sales Happening Now, Krakon Games has launched Overlords 2: The Hunt, Tomb of Skalbar D&D 5th Edition Video Game Coming to Kickstarter, Perfect Plastic Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Brigade Models Releases New British Aeronef.

Bombshell Minis August Sales Happening Now


Canine Sidekick Sale all month!

Krakon Games has launched Overlords 2: The Hunt

Krakon Games is running a follow-up Kickstarter to its popular Overlords project - aptly named Overlords 2. This Kickstarter offers a selection of new Overlords models and a growing number of character models deemed hunters - foolish to face the alien threat. The models are all designed for 28mm scale Sci-fi, but the Overlords easily transcend scales - looking like they'd drop into a space game or smaller scale seamlessly. The funding ends this Saturday.

Tomb of Skalbar D&D 5th Edition Video Game Coming to Kickstarter

A single or multiplayer turn-based 3D video game based on the DnD 5th Edition rules.

It feels like playing DnD around the tabletop.

Let 5e play the part of the DM, or switch to ‘DM Mode’ and run the game for your friends.

Perfect Plastic Dice Up On Kickstarter

Now we've taken the next step. Re-engineered our molds and polishing processes to be even better and are ready to introduce our new line of Perfect Plastic Dice: 

Perfect Plastic Evolved

On the left. our newst V3 designed D20 with lager overall post-polish dimesions and style. Bigger font nmbers for even esier reading and play. On the right our V1 Perfect Plastic full polihed D20. 

Brigade Models Releases New British Aeronef

As previewed a couple of days ago, today we’re launching a pair of new British Aeronef dirigibles. The first, and smaller vessel, is the LRS class (Long Range Scout) which, as the name suggests, is a patrol vessel with minimal armament but capable of long duration missions to scout out enemy fleets.

The large, twin-envelope craft is the Mantis class Dig Bomber. These vessels carry significant loads of gravity bombs for dropping on ground targets or, if the bomb-aimer is very good (or very lucky) even on enemy vessels below.