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Friday Snippet

It's a Friday. But not just any Friday, but a 3-day weekend Friday. My calendar is clear. I am just going to lay back, lounge, and relax. I really could use it after the week I had. It wasn't bad, just busy. I hope you've got some fun stuff planned, especially if you've gotten your arm jabs. Maybe have a BBQ and eat some tasty stuff. And speaking of tasty things, let's serve up a tasty treat for you on today's platter.

Malibu Nights Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Malibu Nights are almost here. Releasing Thursday, May 27th, at 6pm PDT. This limited production run of 500 sets is part of our all-new font line. Don't miss out on your chance to capture a small piece of Malibu at dusk with these beautiful new dice.